“I make candles to connect people to happy memories.”

Margot J. Leviton is a North Vancouver gal known as the “Queen of Scents”. Her Original- Scented candles have become a hit with those that experience them. Margot has created over 102 scents to date. Her niche is creating custom scents/replicating product scents for bakeries, restaurants and assorted companies.

  • SPRING 2024


What people are saying about Waxlings


A very nice blend of lavender and vanilla, reminiscent of the Mon Guerlain perfume. I really like this one at night, it's great to wind down with. The throw is cozy and perfect for the scent, plus it's soy and healthier than paraffin wax so I feel good about having it lit in close quarters. Home run for this one!”



Zingy brings me to the woods. It's a blend of spicy ginger and uplifting grapefruit which comes together to create a natural, cabin-in-the-woods vibe. You'll like this if you're a fan of natural essential oils blends, or Bath and Body Works candles like "Winter"/"Fresh Balsam"/"Evergreen". Definitely more of a mature scent from Waxlings. I can even imagine this at an expensive spa, you know the kind, with dark marble countertops at the reception, and a wood sauna room.”



Crumbles is definitely edible! I smell more of a cookies and cream vibe with lots of chocolate sprinkled in. Better honestly than actual Oreos (candle description) which have a bit more of a wafer scent. Crumbles belongs in a bakery display with buttery scones and flaky pastries! Throw is soft on this one.“



Cold throw on Banana 'Nilla Puddin' is a delectable chilled banana dessert with a generous dollop of sweet whipped cream. You've come in from a hot summer day and you're ready to dig in! It's a realistic and delicious dessert smell. Once lit, the "vanilla wafer" note starts coming through. Trust me, it's good. One of my favourites, and the throw is one of the stronger ones in the collection.“



Take me away! 

Islamorada brings me beachside watching a fiery luau, sipping strawberry slush cocktails and pineapple drinks. It's very well blended, the most prominent notes being pineapple and coconut. Tropical and refreshing!

P.S. : Can you believe this is soy? Islamorada is strong for a soy candle and fills my condo nicely! 

I recently learned that soy has a lower limit for fragrance oils, so kudos to Vancouver Waxlings.”

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Why Waxlings?

Our candles are curated to give our customers a sensory-memory experience.