Margot hails from North Vancouver, B.C, Canada and is known as the “Queen of Scents”. Her Original- Scented candles have become a hit with those that experience them. Margot has created over 75 scents to date. Her niche is replicating product scents for bakeries, restaurants and assorted companies.

As a child Margot had what she calls a great “sniffer” (nose) and could distinguish different scents easily.

Her love of scent led her to being a regular at perfume counters and having to smell every perfume she could. The perfume ladies behind the counter often enjoyed watching her passion for scents. 

 After learning the “notes” in each scent Margot began to match each scent/note accordingly. She would buy magazines so that she could get the new sample perfumes.

 After injuring herself, Margot was unable to work as a massage practitioner/Healer and found a new way to combine all the things she loves. People. Healing. Creativity. Scents.

Again, using her creativity and caring nature, Margot began making candles to help people remember wonderful memories through scent.

Her exploration into Scent Design has become a new passion and she has created some amazing Original Scents.

Margot is now venturing into Perfume Design so stay tuned. 

Thank you for your interest in Vancouver Waxlings.