Waxlings Story

Bottles of Fragrance Oils, Perfume Tester Strips, amber vials and syringes for scent design
I began Waxlings to bring joy and light to people during tougher times. 

As we know, memory and smell are linked and so I thought by creating scents that reminded people of better times, it may help them through hard ones.

My process begins with me thinking of scents from my life that bring back happy memories. It is usually food scents that remind me of my mom baking or treats that smelled good as a kid.

Once I have the scent I want to re-create in mind, I collect various FO’s to complete my “recipe”. I begin scent testing in my scent lab by simply combining two oils. Once I like a blend of two I combine them to create four and so on. I’m extremely picky as to what I release as a final product so scent testing is key for me.

For instance, if I’m trying to re-create icing for my dessert scent, I will find actual dessert recipes and assemble the same scents as ingredients. The more complex a dessert, the more complex my “recipe”. 

Some Waxlings’ Original Scents go through one or two scent trials and others go through months before I’m happy with the end result.

I’m always asking my clients what their favourite scents are and if they could create their perfect combinations what they would be. Some wonderful Waxlings’ Original Scents have come from this.

I have fallen in love with the whole process and when my final scent comes together and others’ love it too, it makes my day.